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New Mexico State Legislature Considers Amendment Mandating Two Man Crews


On Sunday, January 20, 2019, we went to Santa Fe, NM to listen to Allan Affeldt talk about the renovation of the La Castaneda Hotel in Las Vegas, NM.  He also revealed some exciting plans for the future!

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On March 2, 2019, we paid a visit to Lamy New Mexico! The people at the Lamy depot have done some amazing things since Amtrak stopped staffing it, and we want to see how things look.
While Diana and Sydney check out things outside, Iím going in and present them with a special gift! I made note cards for them from a photograph that I shot of Amtrak 3 arriving at the station. Itís the same photograph theyíve used for their postcard. Itís always nice to be greeted by Cindy Lu!
Hereís a preview of something great happening at the depot. The Chili Line Brewery is opening at tap room at the Lamy depot. For more on the, check out their link in the description.
Tom Hyland, a Lamy artist, has done much of the sign work for the depot and when he noticed my 2926 hat, he showed me a painting that he did of AT&SF 2926 at the Lamy depot! Check out Tomís work at the link in the description.
Of course a stop at Lamy wouldnít be complete without seeing Amtrak. Today we have Amtrak 4, the eastbound Southwest Chief arriving with Heritage Unit 184 in second position, and Amtrak 458 in third position. Itís a sad note for those on the west coast because this is the last F59PHI thatís moving from California to Chicagoís Metra.
We also shot Amtrak 459 as it passed through Bernalillo, New Mexico on February 21, 2019. While itís sad for these beautiful locomotives to be leaving California, they will get a good home on the Metra!

The former D&RGW K36 480 makes its way to Cascade Canyon and back on the Photographer's Special Weekend.
Good luck Engineer Steve Otten on your retirement!

Southern Pacific 18, otherwise known as SP 18, made its first revenue run on the Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad on February 16, 2019, carrying photographers on the annual winter photography special. The ďSlim PrincessĒ, as itís affectionately called, is a Baldwin 4-6-0 built in 1911 for the Nevada California Oregon Railroad.
Originally #12, she worked the NCO from 1911 until 1926 when, along with engines #8 and #9 was transferred to the ďMina BranchĒ of the Southern Pacific. Renumbered 18, she worked from Mina, NV to Keeler, CA from 1926 until she headed the last narrow gauge train out of Mina on February 16, 1938. From then on until her ultimate retirement in October 1954 she worked the 70 miles from Laws to Keeler. After a ceremonial retirement on October 16, 1954 that coincided with the acquisition of the railroads new diesel, #1, the old #18 was vacated from the roster and set aside.
In 2009 a full comprehensive report was which ultimately turned the entire project around and secured the permission from the board of supervisors to begin the restoration of #18. Between 2010 and 2016 the #18 restoration was in full swing. Its first steam-up after restoration was on October 15th, 2016 at the Carson and Colorado Railway in Independence, California.
The Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad is leasing the engine until June, 2019. The Durango and Silverton is modifying engine 493 to burn oil and SP 18, an oil burner, will give the Durango people experience with that kind of fuel.

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